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First predicted by theory in the mid-1990s in a freestanding state, and then demonstrated as distinct monoatomic layers on substrates by Zhang et al., different borophene structures were experimentally confirmed in 2015. Germanene. Germanene is a two-dimensional allotrope of germanium, with a buckled honeycomb structure.

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The role of p53 as "a guardian of the genome" has been well established in somatic cells. However, its role in pluripotent stem cells remains much more elusive. Here, we discuss research progress in understanding the role of p53 in pluripotent stem cells and in pluripotent stem cell-like cancer stem cells. The p53 protein, which plays a key role in embryonic stem cells, was first

A New Perspective on the Geometry of the San Andreas Fault

Fault in Southern California and Its Relationship to Lithospheric Structure by Gary S. Fuis, interpreted SAF (red lines) from Lin et al. (2007; their fig. 14). Green lines 2, 6, and 9 are locations of seismicity cross sections of Figure 9. The San Andreas Fault in Southern California and Its Relationship to Lithospheric Structure 237.

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2010.04~2013.07, Guang Ran*, et al, Ball milling and sintering of neutron absorber Mo-based Tb2O3-Dy2O3 composite and its characterization, Powder Technology, 331(2018)226-235. ( 9 ) Jianxin Lin, Guang Ran*, et al, Microstructure analysis of neutron absorber Al

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Sofla MRK, Brown RJ, Tsuzuki T et al (2016) A comparison of cellulose nanocrystals and cellulose nanofibers extracted from bagasse using acid and ball milling methods. Adv Nat Sci Nanosci Nanotech 7:035004 Google Scholar

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The group's hypothesis is that for human acral (palm, soles, or nail bed) (Johanneson et al., Hum Mol Genet 2010). They are also part of two international and highly successful consortia They have identified and validated five SNPs associated with PC specific mortality (PCSM) (Lin et al., CEBP2011). Patients with 4-5 (vs. 0-2) of the at

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[8] Jansson V et al, "Kinematics and contact patterns before and after TKA: an in vitro comparison of GMK PS vs. GMK Sphere", Podium presentation at DKOU 2014, October 28-31 2014. [9] Meijerink HJ et al, "The trochlea is medialized by total knee arthroplasty. An intraoperative assessment in 61 patients". Acta Orthopaedica, 2007.

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Yu C et al 2018 One-step in situ ball milling synthesis of polymer-functionalized few-layered boron nitride and its application in high thermally conductive cellulose composites ACS Appl. Nano Lin F, Suenaga K and Iijima Zeng H et al 2010 'White graphenes': boron nitride nanoribbons via boron nitride nanotube unwrapping Nano Lett

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Ancient duplication events and a high rate of retention of extant pairs of duplicate genes have contributed to an abundance of duplicate genes in plant genomes. These duplicates have contributed to the evolution of novel functions, such as the production of floral structures, induction of disease resistance, and adaptation to stress.

Application of response surface methodology (RSM) for

Application of response surface methodology (RSM) for optimization of color removal from POME by granular nants in the palm oil mill effluent (POME) following the conventional treatment of POME. The removal of color (Mittal et al. 2010). There are many processes available for removal of color

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In Eurasian perch (Perca fluviatilis), the variability in spawning quality is a major limiting factor for successful production, especially when breeders are fed with an artificial diet.The influence of the dietary DHA/EPA/AA ratio on the egg and larval quality and on the fatty acid and lipid class composition of eggs has been investigated in perch broodstock.

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Engineering research at Dartmouth is advancing innovation at the intersection of disciplines:. Biological & Chemical Electrical & Computer Energy. Engineering in Medicine. Materials. Mechanical & Systems . Our non-departmental structure and collaborative culture enable faculty to draw on multiple areas of expertise, including entrepreneurship, to address critical human needs.

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Jan 15, 2018· In contrast however, neither Palm et al. (2010) nor Solomon et al. (2011) found evidence that HPGR offered any preferential breakage or increased flotation recovery for South African PGM ores. Kodali et al. (2011) found no increase in leaching kinetics for a sulphide copper ore but some improvement for an oxide copper ore.

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Lin Y et al 2011 Aqueous dispersions of few-layered and monolayered hexagonal boron nitride nanosheets from sonication-assisted hydrolysis: critical role of water J. Phys. Chem. C 115 267985. Crossref Google Scholar

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Does Electronic Monitoring Home Detention Program work? 3 The issue of cost-effectiveness has accelerated the implementation of alternatives to formal penitentiary settings, and by doing so, both the criminal justice system and the selected offenders have benefitted from the modified sentencing options.

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High-yield synthesis of extremely high concentrated and


Lin Y et al 2011 Aqueous dispersions of few-layered and monolayered hexagonal boron nitride nanosheets from sonication-assisted hydrolysis: critical role of water J. Phys. Chem. C 115 267985. Crossref Google Scholar

Pedagogical Approaches to Student Racial Conflict in the

Pedagogical Approaches to Student Racial Conflict in the Classroom Penny A. Pasque University of Oklahoma Mark A. Chesler and Jessica Charbeneau University of Michigan Corissa Carlson Wayne State University The majority of higher education faculty value diversity in the classroom; however, the

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to change how hospitals are paid (Hussey et al., 2012). As these efforts grow, hospitals will face increasing challenges in providing better care at lower cost (Hussey et al., 2012; Hsia, Kellermann, and Shen, 2011). While CMS and other payers are trying to find

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Apr 01, 2019· With the aim of avoid powder overheating, the ball milling process was applied in acyclic mode with stops intervals 3 min each 1 h. These parameters were selected based on Cabeza et al. recommendations and the analytical model presented by Wagih et al. . Following this procedure, cyclic rotation speed, avoids sticking and agglomerations of the

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Ultra-low cost Ti powder for selective laser melting

One of the bottleneck issues for commercial scale-up of Ti additive manufacturing lies in high cost of raw material, i.e. the spherical Ti powder that is often made by gas atomization. In this study, we address this significant issue by way of powder modification & ball milling processing, which shows that it is possible to produce printable Ti powders based on ultra-low cost, originally

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Learning Everything about Anything Santosh Divvala University of Washington Lin et al., ACL 2012 . Dependency N-grams Lin et al., ACL 2012 . Dependency N-grams Uses objectness [Ferrari et al., 2010] for initialization (High A.P. for bike, car,

Modification of the Inner Part of the Oil Palm Trunk (OPT

Modification of the Inner Part of the Oil Palm Trunk (OPT) with Oil Palm Shell (OPS) Nanoparticles and Nanoparticles were prepared from these OPS chips by high-energy ball milling (Pulverisette, Fritsch, Germany) for 30 h with a rotation speed of 170 rpm. The milling (Bhat et al. 2010).

Acid-sensing ion channels: dual function proteins for

Acid-sensing ion channels (ASICs) are a group of amiloride-sensitive ligand-gated ion channels belonging to the family of degenerin/epithelial sodium channels. ASICs are predominantly expressed in both the peripheral and central nervous system and have been characterized as potent proton sensors to detect extracellular acidification in the periphery and brain.

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Lin et al. Published online: 17 Volume 35, 2018 Vol 34, 2017 Vol 33, 2016 Vol 32, 2015 Vol 31, 2014 Vol 30, 2013 Vol 29, 2012 Vol 28, 2011 Vol 27, 2010 Vol 26, 2009 Vol 25, 2008 Vol 24, 2007 Vol 23, 2006 Vol 22, 2005 Vol 21, 2004 Vol 20, 2003 Vol 19, 2002 Vol 18, 2001 Vol 17, 2000 Vol 16, 1999 Vol 15, 1998 Vol 14 Following the Ball: The